Voile Switchback X2 Telemark Bindings

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The Voile X2 Switchback telemark binding was built after the success of the Switchback. The X2 Switchback is beefier & more active than its predecessor and performs well both up and down the mountain.
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The X2 Switchback sums up 35 years of telemark binding innovation and evolution from Voilé. Voile abandons the of the use of flexible (and breakable) cables, and opts for their own tenet of rigid coiled springs, steel rods and spring-loaded cartridges have more than proven themselves over time.

In 2007, they took a cue from the randonnée world and introduced the now-legendary, Voilé Switchback, a telemark binding with a foolproof, free-pivot option that greatly facilitates climbing. (And does so with the simple flick of a ski pole.)

Built on the success of the Switchback, the X2 is a beefier, more-active, binding—but still an uphill wonder.

Optimized for maximum power transfer, the X2 is augmented with stiffer cartridges, a much-longer toe plate and a boot pivot point relocated 26mm to the rear. The result is a powerful binding with superb downhill performance and the added efficiency of much-easier uphill travel. With regard to the latter, the X2 and Switchback, as well as Voile 3-Pin Hardware, all feature dual-height climbing elevators.

When you reach the top, just “switch back” to the X2’s downhill mode

Not compatible with the Voilé Release Kit.


  • Toe plate lengthened for more boot contact and new Hardwire cable position for more power.
  • Stiffer cartridge springs by 25%.
  • Full-wrap around stainless steel toe plate without rivets.
  • Enclosed design eliminates ice build-up.
  • Lightest weight available, 3.2 lbs/1451.5g/pair.
  • Appropriate riser height, 25mm.
  • Time tested Hardwire heel assembly instead of braided cables.
  • Includes dual height heel elevators +65mm/100mm.
  • Free-pivoting
  • Ideal for Off-Piste
Part Number Short Rod: 608-110-10-GR Standard Rod: 608-110-20-GR
Color Grey Grey
Boot Size (Mondo Point) 24-26.5 27-31
Boot Sole Length (mm) 273-322 305-350
Boot Size (US) 5-8.5 9-13
Weight (lbs/​kg) 3 lbs/​1.36kg/​pr. 3 lbs/​1.36kg/​pr.
Riser Height 25mm 25mm
Dual Height Elevators 65mm/​100mm 65mm/​100mm
Flex/​Performance Aggressive Aggressive
Material Heat treated stainless steel Heat treated stainless steel



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