Voile Women's Revelator Splitboard

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Early Rise Camber | Tapered Tail
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Best Use Freeride | Pow
Profile Early Rise Camber
Shape Directional Twin
Flex Stiff
Core Material Laminated Paulowina Wood Core
Base material Sintered
Tip & Tail clips Voile
Split Hooks Voile
Binding Mounting System Voilé Channel Puck
Skin Attachment Standard Tip & Tail Clips
What's Included Voile Pucks

** ATTENTION: mounting quiver killers on your Voile Spartan Splitboard will void the Voile factory warranty.


Slaydies! Say no more to "shrink it & pink it."

This board may be labeled women's, but really only because it comes in smaller sizes. The build quality, and the technology is all the same as the "other" Revelator.

A demanding backcountry rider need not be a distant, unemotional creature with a propensity for playing air guitar or relishing his “cave” time.

The truth is: Many of the toughest snowboarders and backcountry enthusiasts out there are women. And for them, the Voilé Womens Revelator fits the bill.

The board’s relative width, robust flex, long camber area, early-rise nose, and tapered tail all let the Women's Revelator not only keep up with the boys, but shred the sickest of lines, to boot.

And rumor has it that our signature Voilé Channel Puck System is quite the heartthrob, too.



Layer 1: Anti - Ice Topsheet -

Exceptionally durable polyamide, with an irregular texture that slows the accumulation of snow and allows easy removal of snow and ice build up when the approach is long and/or conditions are freezing. 

Layer 2: Voile Carbon Weave x2

Two layers of their proprietary carbon fiberglass regulate the ski's flex without an impact on the bonding strength.

Layer 3: Laminated Paulownia Wood Core

The lightest wood core offered in the line, with an impressive strength to weight ratio. Paulownia provides the ideal foundation for building a lightweight touring ski. 

Layer 4: Voile Carbon Weave x2

Layer 5: Rubber Foil

Layer 6: Full Perimeter Steel Edge

Two lengths of 2mm steel with the inset teeth wrap the full parameter of the ski. Each section meets at the outermost points of the tip and tail, and is painstakingly hand-bent to ensure a precise layup. 

Layer 7 : Sintered Black Base 

This ski passes on the base graphics for the sake of an ultra-high molecular density base; making for faster downhill performance and greater wear/ impact resistance. 

Many claim that a black base increases a ski's maximum speed. Something about "snow melting faster," which apparently has the effect of "increasing lubrication." Sounds pretty nice right? Of course, we don't really know if it's true... Regardless, you can rest assured that your p-tex repairs will be seamless after your day spent breaking the sound barrier. 



Early-Rise Camber

Voile Women's Revelator Splitboard Camber Profile

Legnth 149 154
Effective Edge 95.7 98.7
Sidecut (meter) 8.2 8.4
Waist width 24.6 24.8
Nose Width 29 29.2
Tail Width 27.8 28
Nose Height 5.9 6.1
Tail Height 4.1 4.3
Nose Length 30.9 31.2
Tail Length 27.9 28.2
Stance -3 -3
Stance Width (max in) 23.5 23.5
Board Weight (kg/​lbs) 5lbs 11oz /​ 2.6kg 5lbs 14oz /​ 2.68kg
Suggested Rider Weight Range (lbs-kg) 90-160 41-73 100-180 45-82


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