2022/2023 Voile V8 Skis

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Brawny, yet agile. Obese, yet svelte. Floatable, yet carvable. A list of ridiculous ironies and superlatives could go on and on, but one thing is for certain: The Voilé V8 is the ultimate fun hog.

We’re not just blowing our own horn here. That’s what the testers from Backcountry, Powder and Freeskier Magazines all said, too.

The V8’s ultra-wide shovel, tapered tail and perfect amount of sidecut all add up to an incredibly stable ride in deep powder, without sacrificing the maneuverability needed for skiing in tight places. And, of course, our signature Voilé Hybrid Rocker shines in the mix, as well.

Sounds great, but you may be thinking that a ski this burly must also weigh in like an Abrams Tank. Not so, think again. The V8’s lightweight Aspen core and carbon-fiber construction keep its weight to a minimum. (The actual amount even surprises us.)

Deep in the backcountry or deep in powder at the resort, the V8 gives skiers an amazing platform to conquer almost any terrain and condition.

Also see our lightweight "Hyper" version of this ski: Voile Hyper V8



Aspen / Single Carbon

Voile Aspen Single Carbon Layup Recipe




Camber Profile

Voile Hybrid Rocker
Voile V8 Skis Camber Profile



Length (cm) 165 171 176 181 186 193
Tip Width (mm) 134 138 141 143 146 150
Waist (mm) 107 110 112 114 115 119
Tail Width (mm) 117 120 123 124 126 130
Radius (m) 16.6 17.0 17.3 18.0 18.4 20.4
Pair Weight (lbs.oz./​kg) 6lbs 1oz /​ 2.75kg 6lbs 15oz /​ 3.15kg 7lbs 5oz /​ 3.31kg 7lbs 12oz /​ 3.52kg 8lbs /​ 3.63kg 8lbs 12oz /​ 3.97kg
Suggested Skier Weight Range (lbs-kg) 110-150

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