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Hi there BackCountry Customers! This blog is dedicated to helping everyone get into the exciting and rewarding sport of backcountry ski touring.

If you have questions or feedback, email me – [email protected]. Please don’t take anything I’ve said as 100% accurate. I’m just trying to help and have fun going off of memory and looking at pictures I take. There is no precise measuring or complicated computer mapping going on here.

Virginia Peak

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  • These ski tours were not created with GPS accuracy – they are just my suggestions based on memory. Some of those experiences were many years ago. I suggest that you buy the newer guidebooks from our shop for extra beta and opinions. Backcountry Skiing CA’s Eastern Sierra by Nate Greenberg/Dan Mingori. 50 Classic Descents in California: Paul Richins. Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Routes in California: Jeremy Benson. Backcountry skiing Ca’s High Sierra: John Moynier (out of print but find one!) 
  • There are inherent risks in going into the backcountry to ski, snowboard, snowshoe or climb. The routes on these maps may be dangerous and even deadly depending on many variables such as current avalanche danger, weather, snowpack depth, skill and experience level, and time of day. Plan on 1000′ vertical gain per hour. Add time for low angle miles, high elevation, poor equipment and lame partners. Subtract time by starting early, travelling light, and strategic tour planning. 
  • If you are not an expert and experienced backcountry skier, snowboarder, snowshoer, or climber we highly recommend you hire a professional guide. We recommend excellent local guides and backcountry skills classes from local pro guide companies Alpine Skills and Alpenglow Expeditions. We also highly recommend Sierra Mountain Guides out of Bishop, and Shasta Mountain Guides if your going up there. There are  a lot of great Sierra Ski guides. Skip the learning curve and help these guys make a living. 
  • You take FULL responsibility for yourself and your party when using this website for advice and the author disclaims any liability for injury or any other damage by anyone traveling in the areas described. 
  • Please be patient if our guidebook recommendations end up being wrong for you – we don’t know you and your skill level and experience. We are just showing you where we like to go enjoy the backcountry.

Have a great time and please be safe!
– Mike, Owner of The BackCountry