2022/2023 Voile Hyper V8 Skis

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Available in store

Paulownia Wood Core | Carbon Fiber5 | Snow/Ice Phobic Topsheet
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Best Use Freeride Touring
Camber Profile Rocker/Camber/Rocker
Turning Radius 18m (181cm)
Tail Type Hybrid Rocker
Core Paulownia | Carbon

The new Voile Hyper V8 is the updated version of the V8. The core is updated from aspen to paulownia wood, and the amount of carbon fiber has been doubled and Voile reinforced the binding mounts to account for the lighter core. The last update is a new graphic made from a durable and snow/ice phobic topsheet material. The Voile Hyper V8 is agile, fat, and feather light. It has the ability to float in the powder yet maintains quick edge to edge for the days when powder is scarce. The Hyper 8 is the result of many little changes to create a new award winning high performing ski.




Laminated Paulownia Wood Core
The lightest wood core offered in the Voile line, with an impressive strength to weight ratio. Paulownia provides the ideal foundation for building a lightweight touring ski.

Voile Carbon Weave
Two layers of our proprietary carbon fiberglass regulate the ski's flex without an impact on bonding strength



Camber Profile

Voile Hyper V8 Skis Camber Profile



Sintered Base
This ski passes on the base graphics for the sake of an ultra-high molecular density base.



Anti-Ice Topsheet
Exceptionally durable polyamide, with an irregular texture that slows the accumulation of snow and allows easy removal of snow and ice build-up when the approach is long and/or conditions are freezing



Full-Perimeter Steel Edge
Two length 2mm steel with inset teeth wrap the full perimeter of the ski. Each section meets at the outermost points of the tip and tail, and is painstakingly hand-bent to ensure a precise layup.


Other Features

Reinforced Binding Mounts
Heel and toe mounting areas are double-reinforced to prevent binding pull out.


Length (cm) 165 171 176 181 186 193
Tip Width (mm) 134 138 141 143 146 150
Waist (mm) 107 110 112 114 115 119
Tail (mm) 117 120 123 124 126 130
Radius (m) 16.6 17 17.3 18 18.4 20.4
Weight (pair) 5lbs 6oz 5lbs 14oz 6lbs 3oz 6lbs 15oz 6lbs 15oz 7lbs 6oz
Skier Weight 110-150 lbs 120-150 lbs 120-190 lbs 130-190 lbs 140+ 150+



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